The North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association is a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the profession of veterinary medicine and the interests of veterinarians, their clients and their patients. Founded in 1892 and officially recognized as a state association in 1903, the NDVMA has a long history of supporting and advancing the veterinary profession.

NDVMA represents the broad spectrum of veterinary medicine, including but not limited to small, large animal, exotic, bovine, and equine practitioners, and those veterinarians working in research, academic and government capacities. The NDVMA is committed to serving our 300 plus membership of veterinarians and veterinary students.


Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

The North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association advocates for current and future veterinarians to provide a professional community that positively impacts veterinarians and community relationships as well as animal and public health.

The North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association serves to advance the veterinary profession through provision of continuing education and advocacy of public policy and legislation pertinent to the veterinary profession.


Membership is Available to Veterinarians

Members are eligible for a full array of benefits and services….

Active Members – $175/year

Active members may vote at general meetings, hold office, and participate in the business and the activities of the association.

Associate Membership – $75/year

Associate members must not reside in the state of North Dakota. Associate members may not vote or hold office in NDVMA.

Life Membership – Free Membership

A life member has had at least 25 consecutive years of membership in NDVMA and is at least 65 years of age or is fully retired from the veterinary profession.

Members benefit from many services…