Veterinary medicine is a cause worth advancing

The NDVMA is the only entity that advocates for North Dakota veterinarians. Your membership gives our profession a voice.

Did You Know?

In North Dakota, every bill introduced gets a committee hearing and a vote by the full Senate or House. In other words, committees cannot hold or "kill" bills. They can only make recommendations. This is one feature that makes the North Dakota legislature a "citizens" legislature.

Legislative Updates

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State Advocacy

NDVMA’s Legislative Committee is your exclusive advocate at the state level serving as the voice of the veterinary community in North Dakota. With the guidance and direction of our lobbyist, committee members monitor, support, and oppose legislation that impacts North Dakota's veterinary community and profession.

Federal Advocacy

The AVMA represents the interests of veterinarians through strategically targeted advocacy in Congress, with regulatory agencies, and before the courts. The AVMA works as a trusted partner to complement the advocacy work of NDVMA.

Legislative FAQs

The North Dakota Legislative Assembly consists of a Senate with 47 senators and a House of Representatives with 94 representatives. The Legislative Assembly regular session usually convenes the first week of January of an odd-numbered year.  There are 47 districts in North Dakota and within each district is a Senator and two Representatives.

Standing committees in each chamber handle most of the daily work of the legislature. They hold hearings, consider amendments, discuss the bills, and make recommendations to the full chamber. These committees are formed by subject matter, such as the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Human Services Committee.

There are several ways to make your concerns known to your legislators. E-mail, call, or write your legislators; testify at the legislature, or talk to your legislators during their visits home.

All citizens have the right to testify before the North Dakota Legislative Assembly on any bill or resolution. 

North Dakota has one of the most open legislatures in the nation. Every bill must have a public hearing, must be publicly voted upon by the committee, and then must come before the full House or Senate for still another public vote. Your opportunity to testify on a bill comes at the committee hearing.

Lists of the legislative committees, committee members, and the days and places committees meet are available online at and on screens in the Capitol.