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Continuing Education Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Heather Mitchell

This committee is responsible for the planning and implementing of continuing education program topics, speakers, and agenda for our NDVMA annual meeting and winter conference. The committee meets monthly (via ZOOM meetings) from November - April.

Legislative Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Brad Bartholomay and Dr. Derine Winning

This group oversees activities pursuant to the legislative agenda and strategies important to the NDVMA. They research and review legislative and public policy issues and make recommendations to the NDVMA Board regarding legislation. They assist in preparation of written testimony with our government relations liaison and prepare comments for other agencies as needed. The members of this committee facilitate networking with legislators to advocate for NDVMA's legislative agenda. The committee meets (via ZOOM meetings) as needed. During the North Dakota legislative session the committee meets more frequently (2 - 4 times/month from January - May during legislative years).

Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Nathan Kjelland

This committee is responsible for reviewing and providing guidance for the NDVMA's financial matters. The committee establishes the budget and creates a financial plan for each fiscal year and presents the plans to the full Board. The finance committee assures internal controls are maintained and that an annual financial compilation is completed by a certified public accountant for the NDVMA. The committee meets twice annually (fall and spring via ZOOM meetings).

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Andrea Sand

This committee is responsible for identifying the needs of the members and recommending development services to meet those needs. They are responsible for the planning and development of our wellness initiatives related to the recognition, prevention, controlling, and intervention of mental, physical, emotional and substance abuse issues concerning the veterinary profession. This group also maintains our face book page. The committee meets twice per year (via ZOOM meetings).

Awards Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Kelly Schaefer

This committee selects the Veterinarian of the Year as well as determining Presidential or Public Service Awards. The Awards Committee also reviews nominations and selects the Pet of the Year awards. They present these awards at the annual meeting. The committee meets annually in June or July (via ZOOM meeting).

Nominations Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Lisa Christenson

The primary duty of this committee is to solicit nominations for open board positions and oversee the election of candidates at the Annual Meeting. The committee has one meeting per year (via ZOOM meeting).

Scholarship Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Loah Clement and Pat Anderson

This committee is tasked with soliciting and reviewing NDVMA scholarship applications and awarding scholarships to veterinary students through the ND Community Foundation. They keep the NDVMA Board and members informed regarding the endowment and non-endowment scholarship funds and the awarding of scholarships. The committee meets annually in June (via ZOOM meeting).