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Donate to NDVMA Scholarships

NDVMA supports scholarships for North Dakota students enrolled in accredited veterinary medicine programs. Scholarship donations are maintained and managed by the North Dakota Community Foundation. Two different NDVMA scholarship funds are maintained: 1) NDVMA Scholarship (endowment fund) and 2) NDVMA Scholarship Non-Endowment Fund.

Contributions to the NDVMA Scholarship Fund are made by people who respect and care about animals and their health and well-being.

•Memorial Gifts: Many veterinarians and clients contribute to the NDVMA Scholarship Fund in memory of a beloved pet or in honor of family members and friends.

•Bequests: Individuals may bequeath gifts to the NDVMA Scholarship Fund by naming it in a will, insurance policies or trusts.

•Corporate Gifts: Corporations and organizations can donate to the NDVMA Scholarship Fund to recognize an individual for specific causes.

Donations made to the NDVMA Scholarship Fund can be made to either the endowment fund or the non-endowment fund. Please donate directly to the ND Community Foundation either online (links below) or send a check (made payable to NDCF) and specify in the memo line of the check the fund name (either NDVMA Endowment Fund or NDVMA Non-Endowment Fund). Checks should be sent to: ND Community Foundation, PO Box 387, Bismarck ND 58502-0387. Be sure to specify your donation to go towards either the ND Veterinary Medical Association Endowment Fund or ND Veterinary Medical Association Non-Endowment Fund.