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Available Opportunities at NDVMA

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Government Relations and Lobbying Services

The North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association (NDVMA) is requesting proposals to contract with a lobbyist to represent NDVMA for the 2025 North Dakota legislative session. A contract would run from a mutually agreed upon pre-legislative session date through the end of the 2025 legislative session. Following the end of the 2025 legislative session the NDVMA would consider renewal of the contract to include interim monitoring services through 2025/2026.  

NDVMA is a professional organization that advances the veterinary profession and creates a professional community of veterinarians and veterinary medical students. An important role of NDVMA is to advocate for future and current veterinarians that encompasses issues pertaining to veterinary medicine education costs and access to schools, veterinary workforce recruitment (veterinarians, veterinarian technicians), professional licensure, animal health, animal welfare, and employer/business management. While some advocacy issues remain consistent from one legislative session to the next, NDVMA relies on a lobbyist to identify legislation that could potentially affect veterinarians, veterinary medicine students, and animal health or welfare. A summary of legislative issues during the 2023 session can be found at

NDVMA seeks a strong lobbyist with existing positive relationships in the state legislature, sound knowledge of legislative functions, and experience with the state budget, animal agriculture, professional licensure, medical, employer and business tax issues. Key skills desired include the ability to communicate well, perform research, critical thinking, take initiative, possess integrity, and exercise diplomacy.

Request for Proposal Information (extending submissions until December 31, 2023)